Recorder types

The recorders I make can of course be broadly divided into renaissance and baroque models, but as can be seen in the left hand list, there are a number of sub categories that demand some explanation.

Baroque recorders

Here you will find a listing of all the baroque style instruments I make including recorders for modern music.

Renaissance recorders

This is a short introduction to the subject, including a presentation of my “Virdung” model.

Consort Recorders

This is rather a long section on the two basic consorts I offer. It may seem a little academic, but I feel it is necessary to explain the reasoning behind the choices of sizes I have made.

Dolcimelo recorders

These are my “early baroque” models, they look like renaissance recorders but play over two octaves with almost “baroque fingering.

“Ganassi” recorders

A potted history of the so called “Ganassi recorder” and the reasons why I have stopped making them.