Prices at January 2022

I’ve not changed my prices for the last 6 years, so I felt it was time to raise them a little to reflect the current cost of living. These will not affect prices already agreed and will be phased in over the course of this year.

It is very difficult to decide a fair price for your work, and recorders are no exception, given that two identical instruments can take widely different times to complete. Perhaps surprisingly, wood has very little to do in the calculation, even if factory recorders are often priced accordingly. A piece of grenadilla or boxwood may cost six times more than a piece of maple, but their cost rarely exceeds 10% of the instrument, and so can be disregarded in this respect.

The bigger an instrument is, the more time it takes and hence the more expensive it is, simply because the amount of material to be removed is so much greater. I decided with the first consorts that I made, not to make the big basses too expensive, because I felt they would otherwise never be ordered. So my bigger instruments work out probably cheaper per hour than the smaller, the large basses in a consort being subsidised by the sopranos and altos. An exception to this rule are the small baroque instruments, which are so fiddly and require so much care to make, that I make them the same price as my baroque altos.

All prices are in Euros (€) and are subject to change without notice.

Baroque recorders

Alto in f’ a=415 Hz, a=4o5 Hz, a=392 Hz2,080 €

“Dolcimelo” recorders

Soprano in c”, a=440 Hz1,500 €
Soprano in c”, a=415 Hz1,500 €
Alto in g’, a=466 Hz1,570 €
Alto in g’, a=440 Hz1,570 €
Alto in g’, a=415 Hz1,570 €
Tenor in c, a=466 Hz1,690 €
Tenor in c, a=440 Hz1,690 €

Renaissance conical consort recorders a=466 Hz

!! (Bassano) Consort

Soprano in d “1,105 €
Soprano in c “1,145 €
Alto in g’1,270 €
Alto in f’1,285 €
Tenor in c’1,430 €
Basset in f2,790 €
Basset in f, extended to e and d (two extra keys)3,960 €
Bass in B♭3,880 €
Bass in B♭, extended to A and G (two extra keys)5,250 €
Gt. bass in F4,200 €

HIER S· / HIE·S Consort

Soprano in e1.015 €
Alto in a’1,220 €
Tenor in d’1,385 €
Basset in g2,500 €
Bass in c3,520 €
Gt. bass in F4,200 €

Schnitzer consort, a=450Hz

Alto in a’1,440 €
Tenor in d1,590 €
Basset in g2,860 €
Bass in c4,200 €

Renaissance cylindrical consort recorders a=520 Hz (“Virdung” Model)

Alto in g’1,625 €
Tenor in c’1,835 €
Basset in f2,770 €

Terms & conditions

Over the last few years, my long waiting list has become very difficult for me to deal with efficiently. The problem of keeping up with changes of address, orders, promises concerning delivery, etc.  led me to try out a simpler system of ordering. This involves me simply recording the details of yourself along with the instrument(s) you require. I will then try to make them in the estimated waiting time I give you, but won’t give any firm guarantees as to when I will finish them. This ‘no deposit – no promises’ system, has led to a better way of working and reduced pressure on me. I do ask you to keep me informed of any email, street address, or telephone number changes, so that I can always contact you if an instrument becomes available earlier than planned.

The price includes a soft bag and all necessary adjustments and repairs of a period of two years after sale. I reserve the right to charge for repairs if: a) the instrument has been tampered with or adjusted by anyone other than myself, b) the instrument has been resold to a third party, or c) I feel the damage to the instrument is due to neglect or maltreatment by the owner. All postal charges are at the buyer’s expense.

Please write if any further information is required.